Our Chicken Wings Review Score

We compare all forms of entertainment to the quality of chicken wings. See below for further insight.

1 out of 5 Chicken Wings: Dixy – c’mon, this isn’t even chicken bruvChickenWingReviewScore1

2 out of 5 Chicken Wings: KFC – why am I consuming this shit? ChickenWingReviewScore2

3 out of 5 Chicken Wings: Nando’s – OK. It’s not bad, not good. ChickenWingReviewScore3

4 out of 5 Chicken Wings: Chicken Shop – Better than average, a memorable experience. ChickenWingReviewScore4starrr

5 out of 5 Chicken Wings: Roscoe’s – If you’re consuming this, congratulations. You’ve made it. ChickenWingReviewScore5