Bill Paxton is in your game? Count me in

billpaxtonI previously saw zombies as a half-baked idea, lacking in strategy, polish and, most importantly, excitement. That was until I purchased Advanced Warfare’s take on the popular gamemode, as the latest version zombies is quite simply exo-llent!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Zombies Havoc 4D-XL Premium Edition stars John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Charmed’s Rose McGowan and that crazy guy from The Walking Dead. Why, you ask? Because money, that’s why! Regardless, Zombies’ story or characters isn’t why you’re here: It’s for the mindless chaos this gamemode continually offers. I couldn’t tell you what character Bill Paxton is playing, what his motivations are, or recite a single line he uttered. He was as evocative as a LinkedIn discussion group. However, that’s Bill motherfuckin’ Paxton, so I’m not going to deny myself the opportunity to play as him and have a great time quoting every single line of Aliens I can remember.

I’m not actually sure if zombies is technically good, I just enjoy its self aware mindless action. Advanced Warfare doesn’t change the formula of zombies, but there’s a certain amount of style in its execution, and exo-suit offers increased manoeuvrability that feels great. Faster zombies are much more intimidating than the previous slowly shuffling enemies, as the diverse array of future technology and weapons keeps gameplay fresh.

Yes the AI is rudimentary, yes this might be an extremely shallow FPS gamemode, but I’m definitely having a blast. Although technically I’m paying £11 for a single level (on top of the £40 I initially spent on Advanced Warfare), this take on zombies is surprisingly enjoyable, breathing life into an otherwise dead series for me.

If anything, now I want more zombies, perhaps in its own dedicated spinoff title. I’d like more strategy options available: perhaps a gamemode that’s allows you to build barricades and hold off zombies in bottleneck positions (rather than continuously moving like in traditional CoD zombies). As mentioned previously, until such strategic depth is released, I’m willing to look over any gameplay shortcomings whenever Bill Paxton is involved. It’s definitely not game over, man.