The Best (And Worst) Video Games Set In London, Guvna


London is a spiffing city, and video games have constantly tried to capture its distinct community, history, its rain, and varied architecture, but not always with success. Here are some of the best and worst video games set in good-old London town.

The Mae West (best) games:

Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969

Rockstar North


It’s debatable whether Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 is actually a good game, but it was a one of few titles to successfully capture the cut-throat attitude of the city.

Featuring the London gangsters the Crisp Twins (a parody of the Kray Twins) and other hoodlums, GTA: London faithfully captures a notorious time for organised crime.





Just when you thought the tube couldn’t get busier, chuffin’ zombies rear their decaying faces and cause a right kerfuffle. Why are zombies so inconsiderate?

Perhaps the best technical depiction of London to date, you must gather supplies, weapons and any wits you can conjure to survive this outbreak.

Just be sure to remain vigilant, as ZombiU never pauses the action. You remain vulnerable to attacks as you scavenge through your backpack! London pickpockets are so cunning these days.

The Sorry and Sad (bad) games

The Getaway: Black Monday

Sony Computer Entertainment


Cor’ blimey! You know what makes a bad games really bad? Terribly constructed stealth-missions. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

The Getaway: Black Monday has a range of awful features: bland combat, an unintentionally dreary-London, plus some of the worst AI imaginable. How about being seen through walls during a stealth mission?

The Getaway: Black Monday is a horrifying mess full of design flaws that will make even the most cockney of us cringe.


Hellgate: London

Flagship Studios


Hellgate London faithfully recreates the streets of Central London but is let down by its own demonic MMO gameplay. Hellgate: London is the video game equivalent of treading on glass.

Both navigating through poorly-designed menus and moving your character are remarkably frustrating.

Cram in a story that’s clumsily written, Hellgate: London had some interesting ideas painfully executed. Although, if you’ve ever wanted to visit a demon-infested Covent Garden, Hellgate: London is the game for you.

What are your favourite and least-favourite games based on our capital? Let us know in the comments below! 

By Robbie Palmer

Images courtesy of FotopediaSXCNintendo and Awee_19.